Bridges of Venice

01d18b794f314bf454e5ad4e42f129bb06f433e22aVenice’s narrow paths intertwine and cross its canals by use of over 400 bridges, the most famous being the Rialto Bridge.


My personal favorite bridge, the Ponte dell’Accademia is one of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal, and has an incredible view of the domed Santa Maria della Salute Church.0108a3bc50bc7aafa1e7a6f0674c397e3c36ffab9b

It’s easy to enjoy getting lost in the patchwork of alleyways leading to gelato shops, wine bars, antique stores, markets, and small squares with al fresco osteries. IMG_5194IMG_5185

IMG_4643Twilight is the most beautiful time in Venice; filled with the sounds of the gondoliers sweetly singing, and the glistening of the canals next to the gothic pastel colored palaces.IMG_4806010f90a2a8758b4326a271cefa80b991c84b9c0e08

Evenings pair perfect with gelato, and a gondola ride gently rocking you through small canals and into the Grand Canal.

Once dusk settles in, the restaurants fill up, and the smell of seafood lingers through the air.IMG_4494

Tourists dine along Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal, while the locals fill restaurant seats amongst the quiet alleyways.  013eb6d6680ef2e7e9d4f054e885e3a6bfb094a7e5

One perk about Venice is that it is a city without traffic (so long as you aren’t lugging your suitcase over several bridges)! Aside from the occasional gondola traffic jam, the pace is yours to set and the sights are endless to savor. IMG_4641IMG_5211

Venice is a continuous celebration. Its history included lavish masquerade parties with royalty, trade, and ship building. Today, the rustic palaces, abundance of seafood, and the numerous points to visit make for an unforgettable experience for all of the senses.

Piazza San Marco’s size was truly astonishing:

IMG_4717IMG_4661IMG_4660During the day, pedestrians stroll and birds gather in the large square where St. Mark’s Campanile and Basilica are located. In the evenings, trattorias provide live bands and endless rounds of Bellinis. IMG_4505

Gondoliers and locals alike truly enjoy and embrace Venetian society. The genuine smiles of the Venetian people show their love of the city. Locals are often seen enjoying  an espresso, smoking a cigar, or eating out with a group of friends. IMG_4638IMG_4656


Although the city faces erosion, work has commenced to rebuild crumbling brick, gondolas are continuously restored and polished, and the small population works day and night to water taxi supplies to each hotel and restaurant. There is also a slight odor throughout Venice, probably due to old plumbing, but that aside there isn’t much to complain about. 

IMG_4516  IMG_4523

IMG_4690IMG_4522The winged lions were brought in to symbolize Saint Mark and now symbolize Venice, which was once one of the wealthiest cities. Large palaces now used for hotels were once individual residences. 

01c06561076b6d6c12d6e5dd126ecacf5f9c204f94 IMG_5192


IMG_4783Another form of transportation that is unique to Venice is its use of water bus shuttles. There’s no wrong way to see Venice and all of its bridges!

IMG_4838I enjoyed each day of surprise that Venice unfolded, from local artists crafting gold leafed carvings, or stroking their brushes to canvas in a small square, to some of the best meals that I have ever eaten. There is something special each step (or each row) of the way.

   IMG_4647  IMG_4761  IMG_4837

– A sweet only journey

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