Culture with Affordability in Prague


Prague is one of the stunning yet affordable places left in Europe to visit. Most 4 star hotels run about $100 per night, and 5 star hotels can sometimes be found under $200 a night. Eating out is also very cheap. Word has gotten out about Prague so you may have to share it with the world, but, it is definitely worth a visit! For about $200 per night we stayed at the Old Town Square Hotel, which featured large rooms with soaking tubs and daily in room breakfast.


A climb up the clock tower in Old Town Square is about as picturesque a view as you will find anywhere. Red tile roofs, medieval towers, and Gothic church spire views make many of the 10 districts of this city feel as if you are stepping back into an old story book.


Old Town Square houses the Prague astronomical clockChurch of Our Lady Before Týn and St. Nicholas Church. Cobble stone lanes will take you across across the Vltava River by Charles Bridge and beyond to the Prague Castle.


IMG_0706  IMG_0705


Along the way, it’s obligatory to stop for a Trdelník,  a warm long flaky cylinder donut covered in sugar and filled with nutella and ice cream.

IMG_7006 IMG_0708

IMG_0759  IMG_0716


Eating in Prague is both affordable and exceptional! Homemade goulash, ribs, and sausages are local staples, and restaurants like Mlejnice offer some of the best of these savory comfort foods. Here, our bill for a party of six with multiple rounds of Czech beer totaled about $70 USD.


IMG_7113  IMG_7106

If fine dining is more your style, Terasa U Zlate, located just underneath the Prague Castle has been awarded best Czech restaurant multiple times and is notably named in the Michelin guide. With an unbeatable view and first class service, this terrace restaurant doesn’t disappoint.


IMG_7048  IMG_7054

Prague is easy to get around. On top of multiple easy methods of public transportation of subways, trams and buses,the tourist areas are compact and walking is fairly easy. If you get off the main streets by just a block or two, you will find the locals, and the food will be better and even less expensive too.


Prague holds a medieval charm, and yet a sense of its darker past can still be felt. While it feels touristy and Disney like, there are still beggars, pick pocketing and problems that most major cities face.

During Wold War II, Hitler wanted to keep Prague beautiful and intact, with the thought that one day it could become the jewel of Nazi Europe. Only bombed in error by the US as a navigation mistake, but not as badly hit as many other other European nations, Prague has faced its share of hard times. It’s people were suppressed under soviet communism, but rallied together in Wenceslas Square, ending the communism monopoly in 1989. The original country of Czechoslovakia later split after damaged relations. Now Prague is home to the largest immigrant population in the  Czech Republic, and is feeling more diverse than ever.

IMG_6992 IMG_6995

IMG_7010There is so much history to be discovered in Prague. My favorite stop  was at the gorgeous baroque Klementinum Library, named the world’s most beautiful library. 

The Clementinum complex also holds an astronomical tower offering another place to find a breathtaking view.

Prague takes time to get to know. There are more bridges to cross than the famous Charles Bridge.


After two visits, I still have much more to see and learn. If you find Prague to be fascinating, beautiful, or interesting, visit and see for yourself a piece of this amazing, one of a kind city.








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