About Our Serving of Sweet & Sour


Hi guys! We would like to say that we are a typical couple giving our feedback on some of the trips that we’ve made, but that wouldn’t complete the picture. We are the couple that gives proof to the phrase “opposites attract”, we are Yin and Yang, sweet and sour, nice and salty; you get it, right!

We are lucky that we both share the same love for traveling (especially to warm, tropical, lay on the beach with a corona type of destinations). Our views while on these adventures are informal, and we serve these up as easy reading entertainment.

Typically, Brittney is very outgoing and adventurous; she loves to make friends wherever she goes. However, Stephen on the other hand is more quiet, reserved, wanting to stay in one location, and thinks (a lot) about everything. This enables him to make good decisions, but also provides honest and critical opinion. Together, the harmony of the sweet and sour makes a unique pairing, so we’re serving it up. Grab some take out… and enjoy our blogs.

We hope that we are able to show you some places that we’ve visited, and inspire you to get out there and travel, and maybe to even check out a place we’ve been.

Happy Travels!

Stephen & Brittney

P1050847 P1060194


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